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Our headlines since May 2010

A graphic showing revenue has risen by 38%

i. Revenue up 38%,
CAGR 6.7%

A graphic showing Ecommerce increase of 130%

ii. Ecommerce up 130%, CAGR of 18.1%,
10% to 17% of the business with more to come

A graphic showing a 200% increase in new channel growth

iii. New channel growth of over 200%,
CAGR of 25.5% and gaining momentum

A graphic showing a 38% increase in EBDITDA

iv. Adjusted EBITDA up 38% on constant currency basis, CAGR 6.7%

A graphic showing a figure of £190 million

v. Generated over
£190m of profit*

A graphic showing a figure of £70 million for cash generation

vi. Total free cash generation over £70m
(after debt financing costs)


* Based on US$ rate at $1.54

A graphic showing Fatface employed over 1000 people

vii. Employed over
1,000 people

A graphic showing an equals sign