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Animal welfare

At FatFace we are committed to safeguarding the welfare of animals farmed to produce the materials used in our products. Our animal welfare policy outlines the expectations we have of our suppliers to ensure animals are raised, transported and slaughtered under recognised higher animal welfare standards. These standards are based on the OIE’s Animal Health Codes or the Farm Animal Welfare Committee’s Five Freedoms that state animals should be:

  1. free from hunger and thirst
  2. free from discomfort
  3. free from pain, injury and disease
  4. free to express normal behaviour
  5. free from fear and distress

A downloadable version of the FatFace Animal Welfare Policy is available here.

Most computers will open PDF documents automatically,
but you may need to download Adobe Reader.

We continue to map our raw materials supply chain in order to understand where the animal products we use are from and ensure that they meet our animal welfare expectations. We are also members of the Leather Working Group, which seeks to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by improving standards in leather tanneries across the world.


We’ve recently joined the PETA list of retailers that have committed to keep down out of their future collections, and can confirm that from summer 2017 we will no longer use any down or feathers in any of our products. Where possible we have instead used a partially-recycled polyester insulation that has similar warmth properties to down.


We continue to enforce the standards contained in our animal welfare policy, which require that none of our products contain any animal fur or angora. This is due to the methods that are frequently used to harvest angora and animal pelts.